ChildCareForms Features


Based on the responses a parent or guardian provides to certain questions, additional questions may appear. This ensures that you have all the information necessary for every child in your care, and that parents only see relevant questions. 


We take care of the setup and any ongoing changes, so you can focus on growing and managing your business. Our setup professionals will guide you through the setup process and help you to implement online enrollment at your child care center. As changes and additions are made to your enrollment forms, our team will be there to help modify your ChildCareForms account to reflect these changes.

Save time

Now your process for managing forms can be automated like you have always wanted it to be.  No more wasting time trying to read bad handwriting or calling parents to fill in incomplete forms. Whether you're more comfortable with paper files, or want to move to cloud storage, ChildCareForms drives enrollment efficiency.

Online & in the cloud

Parents will love the ease and convenience of online enrollment, and you will too! Parents can register their child from anywhere on nearly any device. With real-time email notifications, you're always on top of new enrollments.


ChildCareForms is used by a variety of different child care centers across the country!